Patents and products

Dr. Domenico Terenzio has been researching and patenting, at international level, new molecules in the highly ecological sustainable agriculture biotechnology sector (in particular nutrition and enhancement of plant endogenous defenses).

Its innovations are recognized internationally, in particular research and patents on humans are major reference points worldwide.

True innovation lies in the ability to increase highly qualitatively yielded crops in a highly ecologically sustainable manner and the possibility
to cultivate tired, depleted, infested, polluted, arid and desert lands, or difficult and marginal, without causing damage to aquifers and the environment in general.


They are the first humic excretions in the world where gluconic acid is used to improve performance in crop nutrition and boosting defenses against fungi and bacteria, which have been a milestone for the development of later technology.


They are series of humic complexes developed by Dr. Domenico Terenzio and world-renowned patents that represent an innovation of Glucoumati on some formulas, used in arid, depleted and desert areas, where rationalization of water resources is very important in formulating Humo-alginates are used in polyuronic acid, specifically alginic acid, already in use in the pharmaceutical industry.


PCT / US14 / 44703
The most innovative and eco-sustainable method for fertilizers and resistance inducers.

This is the latest innovation in the field of plant nutrition and in enhancing endogenous defenses from fungi, bacteria and phytopaths.
Innovative, eco-sustainable and rational technology that improves the quality and quantity of agricultural production, with full respect for the ecosystem and the whole agro-food chain
Humoflats are able to “bio-program” both in the soil and on the plant so they can interact with any kind of climatic and chemical / physical conditions of the surrounding environment and guarantee extraordinary results in terms of:

  • Disease protection
  • Revitalization Tired and exhausted terrain
  • Qualitative and quantitative yield
  • Environmental Protection
  • Safety for animals and humans
  • Cost reduction


  • substantial improvement in quality and quantity of crops
  • advance maturation 
  • increase in vitamins and antioxidants contained in fruits and vegetables 
  • guarantee of non-chemical food products 
  • strong radical system development 
  • increased activity of photosynthesis of plants 
  • improvement of the endogenous resistance of plants against fungi and bacteria 
  • Shelf life improvement.

Ground results:

  • reclamation of polluted soils improving the biochemical quality of the soils 
  • improvement of desert areas, arid and marginal soils that could be used for the cultivation of different plant varieties in the bioenergy sector, 
  • Rationalization of available water resources with savings of over 20% 
  • reduction of the use of pesticides reduction of fertilizer units applied 
  • no phytotoxicity.

Environmental Results:

  • a significant reduction in pollution of the groundwater and the environment 
  • reduction of the use of synthetic insecticides, pesticides and fumigants

Cost Results:

  • increased profits due to the qualitative and quantitative improvement of the products due to a reduction in unit production costs.


PCT / IB2015 / 057265

Intelligent, functional and high-value food

Nowadays, the close correlation between nutrition and physical well-being is becoming increasingly evident.
the research focuses on the identification of biologically active food components potentially in order to optimize the state of health and physical well-being and reduce the risk of contracting illnesses.

It is a prebiotic antioxidant complex specially designed to improve the nutritional characteristics of the foods we daily bring on our table such as bread, pasta, pizza, milk and much more to our traditional espresso. Many diets exclude these foods for their high caloric intake, Inuplus is meeting these issues with many benefits: lowering the glycemic index by improving the nutritional profile of foods by improving digestibility

Inuplus provides functional, prebiotic, antioxidant, and high-value foods and beverages with multiple beneficial effects:
improves calcium absorption, brings selenium a powerful antioxidant, brings vitamin B12 in all age ranges improves lipid metabolism and lipid parameters antioxidant and protective action against DNA enhances the motility of the colon, prebiotic action on intestinal microflora prevention of pathology related to metabolic syndrome improves lactose tolerance.

It is therefore a multipurpose compound containing inulin, an inulin with a particular degree of polymerization for which an international patent application has been submitted with specific formulations for each food and drink. It is applicable to a wide variety of foods that are consumed daily but gives them PLUS precisely, that given by the antioxidant and protective substances for our body.

INUPLUS is a new ingredient in the food industry as a total or partial substitute for fats and / or emulsifiers in foods, thanks to the ability to form microcrystals in water or milk that are not perceptible to the palate but make it possible to obtain a texture that is markedly creamy and smooth, results in increased bioavailability of VitB12, Selenium and other antioxidant compounds makes food more easily digestible allowing the body to improve lactose tolerance, a substance that could cause digestive problems to about 40% of the Italian population makes foods that can keep longer: the special formulation allows to retain water for a longer time than the traditional product, thus improving the preservation.

I3C coniugato dell’acido folico e dell’indolo-3 carbinolo per uso medico.

Numerous epidemiological studies indicate that the plant-based diet belonging to the Cruciferae family (or Brassicaceae) is able to provide protection and prevention against tumors and cardiovascular pathologies.

This effect is due to the presence of naturally occurring substances in the class of glucosinols, particularly Indolo-3-carbinol (13C).
I3C is a natural substance, contained in the vegetables of the Crucifer’s family, especially broccoli, white cabbage, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, a strong antioxidant that protects DNA and other cellular structures and inhibits up to 90% the development of positive tumor cells to the estrogen receptor, it is also able to regulate the dependence of many hormone tumors on hormones, as it binds the estrogen-blocking nuclear receptor by preventing cell proliferation induced by these last functions.

Indole-3-carbinol (I3C) has many beneficial effects: it is anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and chemopreventive, it also acts in the particular metabolic syndrome with anti-obesity, hypoglycemic and hypertension functions.

I3C-PEG conjugates are also nutraceuticals for the prevention of pathologies and pathological conditions associated with oxidation, metabolic syndrome.

Also important for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and platelet anti-tumor activity as I3C derivatives with folic acid and PEG (Fol-PEG-I3C) can be candidates as molecules that inhibit the growth of tumor cells and cells involved in the mechanisms of inflammation.